About Us

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW is the only statewide organization working toward reproductive justice in Georgia. SPARK organizes Black women and LGBTQQ youth of color to ensure their ability to make empowered decisions about their bodies, identities, sexualities, and families. SPARK prioritizes the voices of Black women and LGBTQQ youth of color to ensure that the experiences of those most marginalized in society are centered in the reproductive justice movement.


Our mission is to collaborate with individuals, communities, and organizations to grow and sustain a powerful reproductive justice movement in Georgia and the South.

We fulfill our mission by maintaining the following strategies:

  • Developing the political leadership of our constituency through timely skill-building workshops, camps, and conferences that incorporate our advanced racial and gender justice analysis.
  • Mobilizing our base and social justice allies to respond to immediate political threats and develop long-term proactive strategies for social justice.

To contact SPARK, click here.

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