The SPARK Fellowship is a leadership development, research, and organizing fellowship designed to introduce fellows to Reproductive Justice and the RJ Movement. SPARK will be providing fellows with all of the RJ trainings in our wheelhouse. Afterwards, SPARK Fellows will be working towards their own individual RJ projects or a bigger project they may decide to do together. The project(s) should fit SPARK’s mission. The project(s) will be required to have an advocacy/outreach component, an educational/facilitation component, and a program implementation component.

Duration: September 2018-May 2019 (15 hours/week or more based on project)

Key Activities and expectations for the fellowship include…

Fellowship Overview
-RJ 101 / SPARK 101 / Gender Justice Timeline
-RJ 102
-Queering RJ
-Sex Ed
Organizing 101

Project Proposal(s): Fellows will work on coming up with a project proposal, something they can work toward with clear objectives and tasks

Project Overview(s): Fellows will present their proposals, we will discuss where collaboration can occur and what capacity we have to complete projects

Fellowship Work Period: Fellows will work on their project(s). This period will include opportunities for fellows to hone skills within each of the required components. Each fellow will be required to complete the following:
Tabling (2)
Canvassing (2)
Facilitating Trainings (2)
Drafting Op-Eds (3)

Final Project: Fellows will submit/ display/ implement their final project.

CLICK HERE for a printable description of the fellowship timeline.


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