There is NO Black Liberation Without Queer & Trans Liberation!

SPARK is a Black-led Reproductive Justice organization that centers our work in Queer and Trans liberation. We know that without Queer and Trans liberation, there is no Black liberation.

There can be no Reproductive Justice when Black womxn are criminalized, Black trans and non-binary people are marginalized, and Black parents cannot see their children grow in peace.

It is imperative that we continue to challenge the erasure of Black womxn, and Queer and Trans folx in the conversations and actions around police violence, brutality, and killing of ALL BLACK LIVES.

JusticeNOW2020 Early Bird Registration deadline has been EXTENDED!

In recognition of the impact that COVID-19 has had on our personal lives, work lives, mental and physical states, the JusticeNOW2020 team has decided to extend our Early Bird Registration deadline to Friday, May 1. We hope that this extension will give you more time to sort out your future plans and relieve a small portion of any stress that these uncertain times have caused.

Like us, I’m sure that you all were saddened to hear that our friends at CLPP had to cancel their dynamic and movement-building annual conference. But, we are excited to announce that in true Reproductive Justice form, we are working with CLPP to shift some of their planned conference sessions to JusticeNOW2020. We are looking to combine the spirit and community that CLPP has built over the past 34 years with JusticeNOW2020’s cross-movement space.

We hope to see you all at JusticeNOW2020 in November and we are looking forward to reconnecting and sharing a physical space post-social distancing.

Please visit for more information about the conference.

A Message from SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!, Inc. — COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty, we here at SPARK are committed to centering our communities, those most affected, safety and comfort. Our approach is informed by our own expertise in public health and emergency response, radical community organizing, and with the evolving guidance of the CDC. Further, in these coming weeks we are uplifting healing, disability justice, and community in the work that we will continue to do. 

The Steps We Are Taking
SPARK, as an organization, will be practicing social distancing as a precaution and to hold true to our Reproductive Justice values of centering the safety and health of our communities and our staff. To do so, SPARK’s physical office will be closed for a minimum of 2 weeks, while we continue to monitor the state of public health in Atlanta, GA.

Workplace Readiness Response
As of last week, we have shifted to remote work from home, are temporarily suspending work-related non-essential travel, and are offering digital options for work related gatherings and meetings–with our partners and base. SPARK will be promoting community work block times–to allow us to collectively support each other’s work while centering social support, 1:1 team member support sessions, extended sick leave options, and flexible schedules. 

Shifting our Radical Community Organizing to Radical Digital Community Organizing and Engagement
We will be shifting current and ongoing programming to digital platforms where possible and adding new ways to engage to our roster. We plan to create a Facebook support group to connect with those who are the most vulnerable at this time (the elderly, the immunocompromised, etc.) and those who are simply overwhelmed, anxious, or lonely. We are also planning to have some fun social activities for folx to engage in as well. Whether it be a book club with an online chat, a viewing party, or just a digital ki.

A Request of Our Partner Organizations
During this time we will have to shift our participation in coalition and partner meetings to a video platform. We will reassess our ability to participate in person following the initial two week period.

Please continue to keep us up-to-date on your programming and ways to plug in. We are still excited to collaborate with you, whether it be via zoom, skype, or FaceTime. We do not want the work to stop and we are invested in continuing to explore specific ways we can support during this time. 

Over the next few days, we will begin compiling any resources we or others may have to offer to the community. As a part of our desire to continue to uplift healing justice, this will be a top priority for us.  

CDC guidelines: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Online Meeting/Gathering Resources
Zoom Video Tutorials
How can organizers adapt to a world with social distancing?
College Students: U-Haul Offers 30 Days Free Self-Storage amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Donate Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens Podcast Episode

Controlling COVID-19 transmission continues to rely greatly on common health promotion efforts and practices, such as, sanitizing/disinfecting commonly used surfaces, hand-washing, covering your cough or sneeze, and when possible social distancing. Let’s continue to center each other and do our part in taking on these practices. Also, in a time of social distancing, we know that this can affect our mental health and social wellness. As we mentioned, we will be pouring our efforts into identifying many ways of actively engaging our communities and creating opportunities for social support. 

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, each other, and our communities to the best of our abilities. And, if capacity allows, offering additional support to those who are most at risk, including our elders, and those with pre-existing health conditions and/or are immunocompromised.

We will keep you all updated as to when we will be returning to our office and normal office operations. 

Lastly, we encourage you all to communicate your own ideas and desires for SPARK. WE ARE STILL HERE! We are still working to uplift Trans folx, Queer folx, Youth folx of color, Black womxn, and Womxn of color. Please do not hesitate to tell us what you want and need. 

We can be reached through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @SPARKRJNOW or at or

JusticeNOW2020 Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN!

Spark Reproductive Justice NOW! presents JusticeNOW2020, a cross-movement power building and power shifting national conference. This conference will bring together activists, advocates, artists, movement leaders, organizers, community members, students, educators, policy makers, public health professionals, researchers, medical professionals and lawyers, all within a multitude of movements and sectors.

JusticeNOW2020 will center conversations and strategies on interconnected issues related to Reproductive Justice. Our goal is to provide an intentional and inimitable space for folx to unite for the advancement of Reproductive Justice!

Through interactive workshops, sessions, panels and plenaries, attendees will have the opportunity to access information and resources, while planning, strategizing and engaging on issues that cross all social justice movements. JusticeNOW2020 provides a forum for the interdisciplinary presentation of ideas, thoughts, research and inquiry related to the liberation of historically marginalized and criminalized communities.

We are proud to announce that our JusticeNOW2020 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is open! Visit to register with our lowest rates!

We are seeking FUN and CREATIVE proposals from folx working on a full range of social justice movements, political issue areas, and health topics. We encourage you to submit proposals to present via workshop, panel, interactive discussion, performance, expressive art, roundtable, caucus, and more! Visit to see our CALL FOR PROPOSALS and submit your session for consideration!

Sponsorship is an effective way to reach a new and growing audience to promote your organization or business. As a conference sponsor, you make a powerful statement about your organization’s commitment to Reproductive Justice. Your sponsorship will make this event accessible for student and community activists, regardless of their financial situation. Visit to SPONSOR JusticeNOW2020!

Scholarship, volunteer and exhibitor opportunities are also available at JusticeNOW2020! Visit to sign up for our mailing list and receive notification as soon as these opportunities open up!

Join us at JusticeNOW2020 and let’s take charge of the conversations that center Our Bodies, Our Communities and Our Futures. Let’s demand JusticeNOW!

SPARK Organizing Intensive is coming up!!


Interested in making a change in your community, but not sure how to get started? Curious about Reproductive Justice and how to be an agent for radical change? Do you want to learn how to show up and advocate for the Trans and GNC community?

Join SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW for our SPARK Organizing Intensive Training & Brunch FEBRUARY 1, 2020 @ 10AM-2PM. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about organizing for Reproductive Justice, talking to your legislators, gentrification in Atlanta and policies to be on the lookout for this legislative session.

All of our trainings and conversations will be rooted in how we can SHIFT THE NARRATIVE by uplifting Trans/GNC folx in policy, highlighting different ways to be civically engaged, and uplifting Trans folx survival and happiness, not just trauma.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to heavily engage with pressing issues that affect our communities. This will also be an important lead up training in preparation of SPARK’s LegislateTHIS! (more information on LegislateTHIS! is coming soon). Light refreshments and brunch will be provided!


Save the date…

#GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world!

Join Spark Reproductive Justice NOW on December 3rd for #GivingTuesday. Your support will help SPARK continue our efforts to build new leadership, change culture and advance knowledge in Georgia and the South! It will help us to ensure that Black women, women of color and Queer and Trans young people of color have resources and power to make sustainable and liberatory decisions about their bodies, gender, sexualities, and lives!

All donation amounts are appreciated!!

The first 25 people to donate $50 or more on December 3rd will receive a “Justice NOW” t-shirt!

Visit to participate in #GivingTuesday

We have a ZINE!

SPARK is very excited to announce that we have a zine, title “Campfyre”!! Created by SPARK staff and 2019 FYRE Campers (now our 2019/2020 Health Advocacy Cohort), Campfyre is an ode to our ancestors.

Campfyre includes photos, poems, essays, drawings, recipes and much more!

We’re excited offer the zine for a suggest donation! Please donate what you can to receive your zine! We will send zines to folks through the mail with a minimum ask of $5 donation to cover shipping costs.

Email if you are interested in receiving a zine.

SPARK has a billboard!!

We have a huge announcement…

At SPARK we believe that Reproductive Justice goes beyond the concept of birth — it means that our communities have access to education, housing, resources, and healthcare, in order to make liberated decisions about their own bodies and chosen families.

SPARK is committed to fighting for reproductive justice for all bodies — this means freedom for Queer, Intersex, Trans and non-binary people, accurate sex education, and access to abortion. We recognize reproductive justice as a social justice movement rooted in the belief that all individuals and communities must have the resources and power to make liberatory decisions about their bodies, genders, sexualities, and lives.

SPARK has decided to elevate this message with six billboards throughout the state of Georgia! Find the beautiful image (above) in Atlanta, Macon and Calhoun! 

If you see these billboards, please take a picture and post it on your social media! Be sure to tag @SPARKRJNOW on your tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook posts!

Special shout out to the amazing artist, organizer, community member and friend of SPARK, Ayeola ( and IG:@ayeolaomolara) for her amazing work on this billboard art! Please show her support!