SPARK has a new If/When/How RJ Fellow!

For ten years, If/When/How’s Reproductive Justice Fellowship Program (RJFP) has fueled a growing and powerful group of new legal advocates who are part of a one-of-a-kind legal fellowship for law school graduates who want to change the face of RJ lawyering. To date, the RJFP has launched the careers of 74 lawyers who have a passion for reproductive rights and justice, placing them at both local and national nonprofits from coast to coast.

Today, If/When/How is proud to announce the RJFP’s tenth cohort, and to introduce the world to these powerful advocates who are lawyering for reproductive justice. If/When/How Fellows in the RJ Federal program spend a year with a window on Washington, D.C., and our RJ State and RJ-HIV program Fellows help build power for the movement at placement organizations in Tennessee, Georgia, and California that are working at the intersection of myriad issues to promote reproductive justice for all people.

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SPARK is hiring!

SPARK is hiring a community organizer!

Reporting directly to the Director of Programs, the Community Organizer is responsible for galvanizing members, organizations, and communities to lead and win community centered campaigns to increase awareness, build knowledge, visibility, power, and leadership for reproductive justice. This position requires the ability to respond to the immediate threats our communities are facing (direct actions and mobilizations) while building towards lasting, social change (base building, political education, health education and leadership development).

The Community Organizer will also help broaden our positive leadership development approach to a broader social and reproductive analysis and cross movement approach to reach and strengthen the impact of our successes in grassroots organizing and advocacy. The Community Organizer will also lead and participate in health advocacy program development, internship programs, community outreach events, tabling, conferences, research/data collection, and increasing statewide presence.

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SPARK was featured, again!

Activists shifting abortion debate to focus on human rights
USA Today, March 5, 2019

With the future of abortion rights on the verge of changing like no time since before Roe v. Wade, advocates are presenting new arguments to plead their cases.

Both sides have amped up messaging in an effort to intertwine human rights and abortion since the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and the precarious health and potential retirement of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In addition, abortion proponents and opponents have strongly reacted to President Trump’s changes to Title X, a federal grant program that provides reproductive health care and birth control to low-income Americans. The new rule would block federal grant funding to family planning facilities, such as Planned Parenthood, which provide abortions. [KEEP READING BY CLICKING HERE]

SPARK was featured!

How generations born after Roe v. Wade are leading the country’s abortion debate
USA Today, March 5, 2019

 Younger generations of pro and anti-abortion advocates are digging in their heels and preparing for a long, drawn-out legal battle as President Trump alters access to reproductive care and courts across the country continue to rule on abortion.

This past week Trump released proposed changes to Title X, a federal grant program that allocates funding for reproductive health care and contraceptives to low-income populations. The rule change would cut federal funding to family planning clinics such as Planned Parenthood that provide referrals for abortions.  [KEEP READING BY CLICKING HERE]

SPARK’s Policy Update!

Please use to follow the legislation!

Currently, SPARK is supporting the following:

HB 475– This legislation is referred to as “Dignity Behind Bars” and would allow more access to menstrual care products for all incarcerated persons as well as more assistance with pumping for parents who have just given birth in order to get their breast milk to caregivers.

HB 280– This is anti-shacking legislation. Currently incarcerated pregnant persons can be shackled during labor and this bill aims to end this practice.

HB 188 – This is the culmination of the work that SPARK has been doing throughout 2018 around Crisis Pregnancy Centers aka Fake Clinics. This legislation would end the $2 million dollar grant program that takes from our Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to give to Fake Clinics who are unregulated and give misinformation around abortion and reproductive healthcare such as claims that abortion causes breast cancer and that condoms don’t work. The money would go back to the Dept. of Health in order for them to do the great work around STI’s, HIV, and Maternal Mortality that is sorely needed at this time in Georgia.

SPARK is working with our partners to fight back against the following anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ bills:

HB 546 – This legislation is known as a “trigger” ban and it means that if Roe vs. Wade (the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion) is overturned, then abortion would be immediately outlawed in Georgia.

SB 221 – This legislation has been at the statehouse before, it’s an anti-LGBTQ bill masquerading as “Religious Freedom”. It would make it legal for public facing businesses to refuse service to people whom they do not agree with for Religious reasons

SB 218/HB 481 – This legislation is known as the “heartbeat” bill and would make abortion illegal after a heartbeat can be detected which can be as early as 6 weeks; a time frame during which most people don’t know yet that they are pregnant.

Please reach out to your State Representatives to praise them and encourage them to pass our proactive legislation and tell them to stop these anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ bills.
Go to and put in your address to find out who your State Representatives are.

New Volunteer Opportunity!

Let’s Phone Bank!

There will be a Marta Referendum Vote in Gwinnett County on March 19th.

The question will read: “Gwinnett County has executed a contract for the provision of transit services, dated as of August 2nd, 2018. Shall this contract be approved? Yes _No_”

Help us make calls to inform the community about this important election.
Training will be provided!


Announcing SPARK’s New Alliance!

SEARE is a regional partnership working to align Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice organizations serving diverse communities in the Southeast.
Join us Tuesday, February 26th for a special “Collective Voices” webinar where we will introduce SEARE!
During this webinar you will have an opportunity to (1) hear from each anchor organization and learn more about their work and their role in the Alliance; and (2) gain a deeper understanding of the mission, core values, short and long term goals of this alliance.

We are excited to share this new partnership with our movement family!