A Message from SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!, Inc. – Statement on HB 276

Statement on HB276
February 9, 2021

This past Wednesday, six lawmakers in the Georgia State House of Representatives introduced HB 276 – a bill that would make it illegal for trans girls and women to participate on sports teams with their cisgender peers. This is one of many similar bills filed in state legislatures across the country as part of a coordinated attack on the rights of trans and gender diverse people in the U.S.

If passed, HB 276 would require all public and private K-12 schools and state universities to discriminate against trans and gender diverse student athletes. Hyperbolic and unsupported claims of unfair competition are no justification for systemically discriminating against children as young as 5 years old. This bill serves no legitimate purpose and is yet another thinly veiled attempt to advance a bigoted, transphobic agenda.

Reproductive Justice envisions a world where parents can raise their children in safe and supportive communities. This means that every child should be given the opportunity to participate in activities that enrich their lives physically and mentally. Georgia’s legislators should be giving schools the resources they need to support and affirm trans and gender diverse students. Instead, House Representatives Singleton, Cantrell, Lott, Jones, Carpenter, and Mathiak are trying to require Georgia schools to discriminate against them. 

Learn how to make your voice heard on this bill and other Reproductive Justice policy issues by registering for LegislateTHIS!, SPARK’s annual training and advocacy day. LegislateTHIS! will build up your advocacy skills and explore ways to affect change both within and outside of the legislative process – from directly lobbying lawmakers to community based mutual aid. 

More information and the full text of HB 276 is available here. The House Education Committee will be discussing this bill today, February 9, 2021, at 1:30 pm. You can watch a livestream of the conference here.

SPARK on the Hill

SPARK visited Washington DC for the In Our Own Voice Conference September 21-25 ! On our last day of the conference SPARK, along with our IOOV partners, went to Capitol Hill to speak with our legislators! Below are some pictures from the conference and from our day on the hill!

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What does RJ mean to you?

We have plenty to celebrate this year, including Dr. Krystal Redman’s appointment to the Fulton County Schools Health and Physical Education Department’s Health Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of community stakeholders within our district and will have a hand in crafting sex education material prior to it being implemented in classrooms around metro Atlanta.

SPARK applauds Dr. Redman for being an invaluable asset to the Atlanta community and invites you to let us know how you think we should impact Fulton County’s efforts to improve the education of our future leaders.

Read more about what we have planned for the month, and tell us what #RJmeans to you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.