SPARK Responds to the State of the Union Address

Atlanta, GA, Friday, February 8, 2019

Coming off the heels of the longest government shutdown ever, Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union Address earlier this week. Though billed as one of unity and bipartisanship, this speech was a clear mobilization effort for Trump’s base. Trump pushed very polarizing policies and ideals for the entirety of his speech, including spending a significant amount of time promoting and demanding a border wall, to calling for an abortion ban that is based on misguided and incorrect information.

As anticipated, Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address made it clear that he would stop at nothing to limit the rights of immigrant families, restrict reproductive rights, dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and ignore and facilitate voter suppression tactics. This speech further emphasized the plight of our marginalized communities, including Black women, women of color and queer and trans people of color.

In response to Donald Trump’s second State of the Union Address, Stacey Abrams provided an alternative take on what America should be and how we can achieve that reality. She exuded true leadership throughout her honest and open speech, that began with a heartwarming anecdote about her family. Abrams promoted an America that is rooted in unity, compassion, hope, fairness and a commitment to the success and wellness of our neighbors.

Stacey Abrams’ response called for safer schools, a lower cost of higher education, compassionate treatment at the borders, expansion of Medicaid, lower cost of healthcare, action against climate change, a stop to voter suppression and action against the maternal mortality rates that are dis-proportionality high within the Black community.

This administration has made and is making every effort to oppress the folks in our communities. It is through the efforts that were laid out by Stacey Abrams that this oppression can be combated. It is through the solidarity between the women Members of Congress, as seen in their all white, that this oppression can be combated.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! will continue to fight for these marginalized communities, until every Black woman, woman of color, and queer and trans person of color has the resources and tools to make decisions about their bodies, their communities, and their futures.

Erin Gloster
Digital Communications and Development Coordinator
SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!

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