SPARK Responds to Trump’s “Gag Rule”!

Atlanta, GA, Tuesday, May 21, 2018: SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! fervidly opposes any presidential action that unfairly targets a person’s right to access comprehensive care, including abortion services. This administration is continuing its trend of targeting reproductive health providers and services by affirming this unjust and unnecessary “gag rule”. This directive that will restrict federal funds from clinics that provide abortion or even refer patients to abortion providers is an attack on our right to make safe, informed decisions about our bodies and lives. Even if we ignore the absurdity of the federal government attempting to control and infringe upon private conversations between patients and their medical providers, we still must confront how on its surface, this directive is simply redundant. The Hyde Amendment of 1976 already precludes federal funds from being used for abortion. This gag rule is this administration’s way of further marginalizing already vulnerable patients seeking reproductive care and services. It’s a campaign to force providers to misinform their patients and force patients to avoid healthcare they are entitled to. If this administration is concerned about the rates of unintended pregnancies, then they should focus on helping patients retain access to birth control and comprehensive sex education. Evidence shows that when people have access to contraception and informative sex-ed programs, the rates of unintended pregnancies decreases. Clearly, the answer is not this exhaustive attack on reproductive health providers. It’s a waste of money and an affront to our human rights.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! stands in resistance and calls on everyone to speak out against this gag policy.

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