This Mama’s Day, We Celebrate and Honor the Resilience of Southern Black Motherhood

Hello Community,

I am thrilled to write to you and announce SPARK’s Mama’s Day e-campaign in partnership with Strong Families! Strong Families is a national initiative raising the social justice issues facing families of color living in the U.S. This is the second year of the campaign that includes beautiful e-cards that celebrate Mamas with images and justice messages that reflect the diversity of our dynamic families.

SPARK Mama's Day Illustration

This Mama’s Day, We Celebrate and Honor the Resilience of Southern Black Motherhood

SPARK’s southern twist to the e-campaign is in full swing featuring interviews, an op-ed, and images honoring Black women living in Georgia. Starting today, you will meet Tracee McDaniel, Marilynn Winn, and Mary Hooks—three spectacular Georgia women shaking it up in our community! These activists, mothers, and daughters have words of encouragement for advocates and policy leaders working toward justice and bodily autonomy for our families in this society.

Finally, as I embark on the role of Executive Director of SPARK, I look forward to building upon the decades of fierce feminist leadership paving the way for reproductive justice in Georgia. I thank you, our community partners, for continuing to be the fuel behind our flame! Your support sustains this ambitious organization’s transformative and nationally recognized reproductive justice advocacy efforts for women and queer youth of color living in Georgia and throughout the South!

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My best to you,

Malika A. Redmond
Executive Director

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