2016 Elections: A Message from our Executive Director


As a public health professional I never thought that the core of medicine and helping others was centered on politics. Sadly, everything about our health and lives is political. The fact that Black and Hispanic people disproportionately lack access to medical coverage, quality of care, and resources, but also lead our nation in rates of obesity, STD/STIs, HIV, infant and maternal mortality, health disease as well as other epidemics, is wrapped up in our political environment and decisions that are made behind closed doors for US but not BY US.


Join me this Thursday, November 10th from 3:30pm – 4:30pm EST for a post-election analysis as I speak alongside terrific panelists, including:

Monica Simpson of SisterSong,

Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health,

Kalpana Krishnamurthy of Forward Together &

Rev. Marti Keller of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.


There’s power in our voices. We need to begin intentionally talking about the politics around OUR bodies, OUR health, OUR futures, and OUR lives.


In Strength & Solidarity,

Dr. Krystal Redman

RSVP Here: http://bit.ly/2f9UiuO

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