SPARK Executive Director Malika Redmond Named Among Planned Parenthood’s Top 98 Dream Keepers

Malika Redmond

Malika Redmond

“To celebrate Black History Month, Planned Parenthood is honoring 98 leaders from the African Diaspora —one for each year since Planned Parenthood was founded.

The achievements of the Top 98 Dream Keepers range from the transformative leadership of Debra Lee to the tart and humor of comedian Wanda Sykes, from in-the-trenches HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy work of Pastor Touré Roberts to the glamorous Hollywood milieu of Nia Long.  Whether they are whispering, singing, preaching, writing, or rallying for justice, their work helps us connect to each other.  Their leadership inspires us to break down barriers to health care and opportunity posed by poverty, racism, and sexism.”

Malika has been included under “The Do’ers” section.

These leaders are on the front lines of the movements for social change.  They educate Americans about the new health care law plans, advocate for the rights of those with HIV/AIDS, and address the social conditions of marginalized people. These Doers are essential for increasing opportunity and health care access in the black community.

Read more about the Top 98 Dream Keepers.

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