Our Work

Advocacy and Issue-based Education

Our advocacy and issue-based education takes form in the shape of our Speak Justice Take Action (SJTA) programming. SJTA is led on the principle that civic engagement combined with community mobilization is vital to making and sustaining lasting change in our communities. The SJTA program includes informing our base and legislators of key reproductive justice issues in order to transform power and shift policy priorities.  The SJTA program houses legislative hearings, our annual statewide day of action and advocacy, LegislateTHIS!, as well as SOI, the advocacy training leading up to it.

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Leadership Development

Summer at SPARK usually means that it’s time for our youth leadership development programming and as of 2017 we have created two foundational courses for Queer and Trans people of color as well as Black cishet women that would help them organize their communites in these increasingly challenging political times and give us personalized insights on the issues that affect their day-to-day lives.

The Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE) program was founded in 2010 and develops the civic leadership of Queer & Trans young people of color and ally young people of color living in the South. FYRE develops leaders primarily through the FYRE Media Justice Camp (FMJC) as well as internships, social media engagement, the IGNITE Queer & Trans Youth of Color Convening, trainings and technical assistance for student leaders, art, and by conducting community-based research.

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The Trans Leadership Initiative (TLI) was founded in 2017 and will focus on creating annual community and social events specifically for and by Trans people of color in the month of November. We encourage anyone interested to contact us – especially those looking to grow their organizing strengths and build a stronger trans community here in Atlanta. Topics being discussed at this meeting include:
– Brainstorming ideas of programming to put on.
– Discussing what resources Atlanta trans folks need.
– Developing a framework for our November – Month of Programs.
& more.

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Civic Engagement

In 2016 we launched our Field Day programming to accompany our monthly Kick-It With SPARK sessions in order to create spaces where we could meet and talk with members of our community on the policy and social issues that affect our day-to-day. These organizing events are intended to not only inform participants of optimal health practices, but also get feedback on issues that they experience which in turn helps SPARK create relevant educational materials and make meaningful connections within our community.

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Digital Outreach

SPARK Off! is a monthly podcast produced by SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW based in Atlanta, GA. Focusing on content based around reproductive justice and beyond, SPARK Off! is like the first sip of coffee into the world of social justice and more!

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