Trans Leadership Initiative (TLI)

Trans* Leadership Initiative (TLI) is a grassroots mobilizing and base building effort to engage Trans* young people of color (TYPOC) to become leaders in their community, to build connections, create trans-positive policy/legislation and health-specific programming that speaks to the issues of our communities, and to engage participants in advocacy and education efforts.

Our Trans* Leadership Initiative (TLI) allows us to train QTYPOC to enage the media, elected officials, and grassroots constituency on solutions that advance policies and shift the cultural narrative stigma and targeting of QTYPOC.

This initiative is led on the principle that civic engagement combined with community mobilization is vital to making and sustaining lasting change in our communities. Additionally, this initiative informs our base and legislators of key reproductive justice issues in order to “Trans*-form” power and shift policy priorities. Most importantly, this will be an intentional, stigma free, and social space for QTYPOC to share personal stories and build relationships with each other.

TLI aims to create a model for community members to take action for Trans* rights through intentional workshops, training, and communal gatherings. TLI’s vision is to build a community where everyone is free to be their whole-self in every aspect of their lives.

To learn more about TLI and how you can be involved please email us at!

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