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SNaP Co is a Black, Trans led, broad-based coalition comprised of hundreds of organizations and individuals working to build the power of people most likely to be victims of violence and most likely to be arrested and harassed by police, particularly trans and gender non-conforming people of color, current and former sex workers, and formerly incarcerated people. The coalition envisions a vibrant, inclusive Atlanta that ensures the safety and holistically meets the needs of all the city’s stakeholders and residents and organizes to end the criminalization of our communities and transform the culture and institutions that affect our lives.

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Support The Work: GIVING TUESDAY

As you might remember, we’re a part of the CrowdRise Giving Tower and this week marks the start of the campaign. This means that you can start donating to our cause and watch the tower grow. In addition, we’ll be asking everyone to give next Tuesday, November 29th as part of the CrowdRise Giving Tower #GivingTuesday event. On that day, if we raise the most, we’ll get a $25,000 donation to our cause.

We kindly ask that you donate to SPARK today and help us reach our goal for Giving Tuesday.

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To date, SPARK has hosted 42 LGBTQQ youth of color at 6 FYRE Media Justice Camps producing a variety of media resources covering issues from coming out, bullying, and sexual health to healthcare access, violence, and abortion. We also organized the first LGBTQQ youth of color reproductive justice conference in the Southeast, IGNITE, which provided 15 workshops to 85 LGBTQQ youth of color from 13 southern states, and mobilized over 500 community members to the Georgia Capitol to advocate for sound reproductive health and rights policy.

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Your support of our Speak Justice take Action! fundraiser is critical in helping us to raise the funds needed to continue to offer our innovative programs building the power and leadership of Black Women, Women of Color and Queer & Trans youth  of color in the South. As we continue this important work, especially now with the fight for reproductive justice has been targeted by the shift in our political administration, we need your support to build and sustain a reproductive justice movement in the Deep South that allows us to advocate for policies and practices that empower young families throughout Georgia and foster sustainable change. Your generous gift allows us amplify the voices of those often most marginalized in public policy conversations to shift policy, practice, and culture.



Please give and join us in our call to action: SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW is the only statewide organization working toward reproductive justice in Georgia. SPARK organizes Black women and LGBTQQ youth of color to ensure their ability to make empowered decisions about their bodies, identities, sexualities, and families. SPARK prioritizes the voices of Black women and LGBTQQ youth of color to ensure that the experiences of those most marginalized in society are centered in the reproductive justice movement.




adobe-sparkGet your tickets TODAY and read on to learn more about one of our Award recipients, Cortez Wright!

Cortez Wright is a Black Queer Femme feminist digital organizer and writer.

For over five yeas, they have devoted themselves to non-profit communications and development, working at the intersection of queer & trans liberation and reproductive justice in the South. They’ve worked on and assisted in crafting fundraising and communications strategies around a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, anti-shackling and the criminalization of Black mothers, abortion access and stigma, reproductive coercion, pop-culture and media representation of Queer & Trans youth of color.

Cortez previously worked as the Digital Communications & Development Coordinator of SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, where they played an indispensable role in helping to establish the organizational infrastructure and developing the Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering program. Currently, they are the Development Associate at the Southern Center for Human Rights, supporting all aspects of SCHR’s fundraising, social media strategy, and volunteer program.

Cortez is also a 2015 alum of the New Organizing Institute’s (Wellstone Camp) Digital BootCamp and a Ms. Foundation Public Voices Fellow through The OpEd Project.

Heroes 4 HIV – Do You Belong? We Do!

We can’t escape the daily grind – be it family or career, there’s no shortage of obligations and distractions that keep us too busy from mindfully engaging the world around us and the people we share it with. What are the barriers that keep you from exploring your empathy? What are the ways in which we subconsciously alienate each other? What can you do to make room in your life & your community for others? What can you do to make room for YOU?


HIV should not be a barrier for interaction and unity among us. Embracing the members of our community that are living with HIV expands our sense of our humanity as a whole and is one small way of saying we all belong – there is room for each and every one of us!


Join SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW for

The Second Annual


Friday, December 9, 2016

7:00pm – 9:00pm

HodgePodge Coffeehouse & Gallery | Atlanta, GA

This community centered event will feature delightful local bites, fantastic live music and performances, and a prize raffle. We will also be honoring our community youth leaders for exemplifying our vision of a world where all people are empowered, valued, and able to make liberatory decisions about their communities, families, and lives with our Vanguard of Change Award.

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2016 Elections: A Message from our Executive Director


As a public health professional I never thought that the core of medicine and helping others was centered on politics. Sadly, everything about our health and lives is political. The fact that Black and Hispanic people disproportionately lack access to medical coverage, quality of care, and resources, but also lead our nation in rates of obesity, STD/STIs, HIV, infant and maternal mortality, health disease as well as other epidemics, is wrapped up in our political environment and decisions that are made behind closed doors for US but not BY US.


Join me this Thursday, November 10th from 3:30pm – 4:30pm EST for a post-election analysis as I speak alongside terrific panelists, including:

Monica Simpson of SisterSong,

Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health,

Kalpana Krishnamurthy of Forward Together &

Rev. Marti Keller of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.


There’s power in our voices. We need to begin intentionally talking about the politics around OUR bodies, OUR health, OUR futures, and OUR lives.


In Strength & Solidarity,

Dr. Krystal Redman

RSVP Here: http://bit.ly/2f9UiuO