Crisis Pregnancy Center Bill Announcement!

Atlanta, GA, Monday, February 11, 2019

SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!, Inc. is excited to announce that our work around Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)—aka Fake clinics—is moving forward with HB 188; which will put an end to the grant program that gives 2 million dollars from our state budget to unregulated CPCs.

These clinics exist to shame people away from making the decision of obtaining an Abortion, as well as, give misleading information around Abortion, Sexual and Reproductive Health. State Representative Renitta Shannon —who is a Reproductive Justice champion—has sponsored the legislation and we look forward to working with her to move this piece of legislation forward.

A link to access HB188 is posted below.

SPARK will highlight this bill and speak more about what it entails at our upcoming “LegislateThis!” annual advocacy day at the State Capitol. Come meet Rep. Shannon who will also deliver the keynote speech.

To attend, please register via the link below.

For more information contact:
SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!

SPARK Responds to the State of the Union Address

Atlanta, GA, Friday, February 8, 2019

Coming off the heels of the longest government shutdown ever, Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union Address earlier this week. Though billed as one of unity and bipartisanship, this speech was a clear mobilization effort for Trump’s base. Trump pushed very polarizing policies and ideals for the entirety of his speech, including spending a significant amount of time promoting and demanding a border wall, to calling for an abortion ban that is based on misguided and incorrect information.

As anticipated, Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address made it clear that he would stop at nothing to limit the rights of immigrant families, restrict reproductive rights, dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and ignore and facilitate voter suppression tactics. This speech further emphasized the plight of our marginalized communities, including Black women, women of color and queer and trans people of color.

In response to Donald Trump’s second State of the Union Address, Stacey Abrams provided an alternative take on what America should be and how we can achieve that reality. She exuded true leadership throughout her honest and open speech, that began with a heartwarming anecdote about her family. Abrams promoted an America that is rooted in unity, compassion, hope, fairness and a commitment to the success and wellness of our neighbors.

Stacey Abrams’ response called for safer schools, a lower cost of higher education, compassionate treatment at the borders, expansion of Medicaid, lower cost of healthcare, action against climate change, a stop to voter suppression and action against the maternal mortality rates that are dis-proportionality high within the Black community.

This administration has made and is making every effort to oppress the folks in our communities. It is through the efforts that were laid out by Stacey Abrams that this oppression can be combated. It is through the solidarity between the women Members of Congress, as seen in their all white, that this oppression can be combated.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! will continue to fight for these marginalized communities, until every Black woman, woman of color, and queer and trans person of color has the resources and tools to make decisions about their bodies, their communities, and their futures.

Erin Gloster
Digital Communications and Development Coordinator
SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!

SPARK Presents JusticeNow 2020!

Spark Reproductive Justice NOW! presents JusticeNow 2020, a cross-movement power building and power shifting national conference. This conference will bring together activists, advocates, artists, movement leaders, organizers, community members, students, educators, policy makers, public health professionals, researchers, scientists and funders, all within a multitude of movements.

JusticeNow 2020 will center conversations and strategies on interconnected issues related to Reproductive Justice. Our goal is to provide an intentional and inimitable space for folx to unite for the advancement ofReproductive Justice!

Through interactive workshops, sessions, panels and plenaries, attendees will have the opportunity to access information and resources, while planning, strategizing and engaging on issues that cross all social justice movements. JusticeNow 2020 provides a forum for the interdisciplinary presentation of ideas, thoughts, research and inquiry related to the liberation of historically marginalized and criminalized communities.

Be on the lookout for more information about JusticeNow 2020, including our save the date, call for proposals, call for sponsors and registration.

Let’s take charge of the conversations that center Our Bodies, Our Communities and Our Futures. Let’s demand JusticeNow!

If you would like to receive JusticeNow 2020 information directly to your email CLICK HERE to sign up for our newsletter!

Queering Wellness: A Healing Series!

Spark Reproductive Justice NOW! and Osatyam present Queering Wellness: A Healing Series.

Is the winter weather putting you in a funk? Is legislate session giving you anxiety? If so, join us in our first session of the Queering Wellness Series, titled “Pranayama.”

Queering Wellness is a series focused on transmuting oppression-based trauma for queer folks in Atlanta through a series of whole self-nurturing practices. The series consists of 3 sessions, each building upon the skills of the last to guide folks in tailoring a more complete personal wellness practice.

Pranayama, or life force, is the conscious awareness of the breath.

This opening session is comprised of conversation, ritual, and food. We kick off our series by connecting breath control, autonomy, and each individual’s personal power.

**Queer and Trans folx will be prioritized at this event, but all are welcome**

Queering Wellness is a series! Stay tuned into SPARK and Osatyam for more information about the rest of our sessions!


Letter from Jasmine Cummings, Community Organizer

Dear Friends and Partners of SPARK,
As of February 1, 2019 I will no longer be working for SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! I am beyond grateful for my time with this organization and the many opportunities and relationships that have flourished. Forever an Organizer, I will continue my work in community and look forward to all we will accomplish together!
For questions and inquiries about any of our SPARK programs please contact Randi Gregory,
I have truly enjoyed my experience with SPARK and am looking forward to all of the wonderful things they have in store!
Yours in liberation,

SPARK Organizing Institute / Legislate THIS!

SPARK Organizing Institute (SOI)
January 26, 2019
Healium Center

SPARK Organizing Institute is an immersive organizing and advocacy workshop to learn about the Georgia legislature and how you can make change BEYOND THE POLLS.

This will be a lead up to our annual LegislateThis!!, our advocacy day at the capitol!

Register by visiting

If you register to attend SOI please also register for LegislateThis!

LegislateThis! (LT)
February 21, 2019
Trinity United Methodist

LegislateThis! is an opportunity for you to hold your legislators accountable BEYOND THE POLLS.

Join us at LegislateThis! for our advocacy day at the captiol.

Register by visiting

If you register to attend LegislateThis! please also register for our SPARK Organizing Institute, an immersive organizing and advocacy workshop.

Trans Day of Remembrance Events

Are you looking for an amazing and fulfilling way to spend Trans Day of Remembrance? Here are some great events happening in Atlanta this weekend that you do not want to miss!

The World Premiere of: “i call him. he[r]”
The Bakery
11/16/18-11/18/18 7:30PM
Please join Okwae A. Miller & Artists for the World Premiere of I call him.he[R] this November 16-18 at The Bakery Atlanta. This fall, we will offer three evening-length performances of a succulent trio of dancers set to a dynamic score by Ulysses Chapman.
Each performance will be followed by a brief reception to mingle with the artists and learn of efforts of local organizations who represent the greater cultural community of Atlanta.
General Admission: $10

TRANS PWR Fest 2018
The Bakery
Southern Fried Queer Pride presents TRANS PWR Fest – a one day, all trans, music + art + community festival! TRANS PWR Fest takes place on Saturday, Nov 17th at The Bakery Atlanta.
This event was created to uplift, empower, and bring together the trans/non-binary community by the trans/non-binary community. Cisgender people are welcome, but we ask you be respectful and don’t take up space.

To Freedom! Finding True Sexual Liberation for your GNC or Trans Body
The Bakery
11/17/18 1PM
Join Kelli and the Trans Leadership Initiative at SFQP’s TRANS PWR Fest!
We will be hosting a conversation titled, “To Freedom!: Finding True Sexual Liberation for your GNC or Trans Body”!

TDOR Sunday Brunch
2861 East Point Street
11/18/18 12PM-2PM
Join Spark Reproductive Justice Now! for music, collective conversation, commemoration of our Trans & GNC ancestors and also a celebration of one another.
*Trans and GNC folx will be prioritized*
Food and drinks will be provided

New SPARK Fellows

SPARK is so excited to announce our 2018/2019 Fellows!! Stay tuned in to our website and social media to learn about what these fellows are up to!

Ebony Short

Ebony is a nonbinary queer GSU senior at Georgia State University. Ebony is the co founding member of Panthers For Black Feminism, a member of Equality for Flatbush, Brooklyn anti-gentrification network, and has volunteered with Spark Rj in the past. Ebony identifies with black feminist anarchism and is passionate about decolonial and intersectional social justice as well as centering a trans analytic in their politics. Ebony enjoys advocating or their community and abroad by organizing protests, programs, and educational events that discuss a myriad topics and Ebony loves their solitude.

Tyeone Barner

My name is Tyeone Barner, I’m a Sophomore, Sociology major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I attend Morehouse College. My pronouns are he/him/they/them. I am an organizer and an advocate for minority groups and disenfranchised people. In the past, I have organized behind black people as well as non-black poc, women, queer folk, trans folk, and people of low-income communities. My passions and sense of purposefulness are in the work that serves to liberate the oppressed and uplift the disadvantaged.

At the forefront of all the things that I value is community. For me, community is a safe space where the inhabitants are loving, trusting, and respectful of everyone in the space. Harmful language and/or behavior is never tolerated. Differences create room for growth and understanding. The community functions through the contributions and support of those from within. If a community is to be successful and progressive, it must serve all its people unequivocally.


SPARK Responds to the Trump Administration’s Latest attack on the Trans Community

Atlanta, GA, Thursday, October 25, 2018
Policy affects our everyday lives, whether it be legislation written to help uplift our bodies and experiences or policies put into place to discriminate against our bodies. This week, The Trump Administration has been considering redefining gender as a biological, undisputable condition defined by assigned gender at birth and genitalia. As a Trans Woman, I was not shocked by the actions of this administration especially being a person living in a society that erases my experiences; I do believe that it still hurts to be reminded how hateful and problematic this administration can be.

Spark Reproductive Justice NOW!, Inc (SPARK) vehemently opposes and will do all in our power to dismantle the everyday oppressions and policies, like this one, that attempt to erase and harm Trans, GNC, and Intersex folx. Trans, GNC and Intersex people deserve to live their lives autonomously, free from fear, and free from the shackles of everyday oppression.

Spark Reproductive Justice NOW!, Inc is a grassroots organization that builds community and fights for the liberation of all bodies. We urge you to stand with Trans, GNC, and Intersex communities by attending SPARK’s monthly Trans Leadership Initiative (TLI) meetings, as well as our upcoming week of events around Trans Day of Remembrance.

Kelli Goode
Trans Leadership Coordinator
SPARK Reproductive Justice Now!

SPARK’s Trans Day of Remembrance Sunday Brunch-
Southern Fried Queer Pride TRANS PWR Fest 2018-

For more information about SPARK and our Trans Leadership Initiative visit