Join us this afternoon, for a Health & Human Services Committee hearing on HB454, a bill originated by SPARK to curb harmful HIV laws TODAY, Tuesday, FEB. 28, at 2:00PM at the State Capitol in room 606 of Paul Coverdell Legislative Office Building.

The bill will be introduced by House Representative Park Cannon and follows a prior hearing SPARK hosted in conjunction with the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus earlier this month.


The 2nd Annual Spark A Change is only 9 days away! Get your tickets at and read on to learn more about one of our Vanguard Award recipients, Solutions Not Punishment Coalition (SNaP Co)!


SNaP Co is a Black, Trans led, broad-based coalition comprised of hundreds of organizations and individuals working to build the power of people most likely to be victims of violence and most likely to be arrested and harassed by police, particularly trans and gender non-conforming people of color, current and former sex workers, and formerly incarcerated people. The coalition envisions a vibrant, inclusive Atlanta that ensures the safety and holistically meets the needs of all the city’s stakeholders and residents and organizes to end the criminalization of our communities and transform the culture and institutions that affect our lives.

Purchase your tickets today!


adobe-sparkGet your tickets TODAY and read on to learn more about one of our Award recipients, Cortez Wright!

Cortez Wright is a Black Queer Femme feminist digital organizer and writer.

For over five yeas, they have devoted themselves to non-profit communications and development, working at the intersection of queer & trans liberation and reproductive justice in the South. They’ve worked on and assisted in crafting fundraising and communications strategies around a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, anti-shackling and the criminalization of Black mothers, abortion access and stigma, reproductive coercion, pop-culture and media representation of Queer & Trans youth of color.

Cortez previously worked as the Digital Communications & Development Coordinator of SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, where they played an indispensable role in helping to establish the organizational infrastructure and developing the Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering program. Currently, they are the Development Associate at the Southern Center for Human Rights, supporting all aspects of SCHR’s fundraising, social media strategy, and volunteer program.

Cortez is also a 2015 alum of the New Organizing Institute’s (Wellstone Camp) Digital BootCamp and a Ms. Foundation Public Voices Fellow through The OpEd Project.

Spark Off! Apples & Abortion

The second episode of SPARK Off! is a recording of our recent event, Apples & Abortion. Moderated by our Programming Specialist & Organizer, Shayla Robinson, the fishbowl discussion revolves around the taboos and politics of abortion access, contraceptive equity, and bodily autonomy.


We are joined by our esteemed panelists:

Oriaku Njoku from ARC South East

Justina Trim of Sister Song

Danielle Gilmore of Feminist Women’s Health Center


This session was recorded at The Little Five Points Community Center.


Listen in and as always, let us know what you think!


Spark Off! Our Vote with Park Cannon

The very first episode of our podcast is here and ready for your enjoyment!

SPARK Off! is a monthly podcast produced by SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW based in Atlanta, GA. Focusing on content based around reproductive justice and beyond, SPARK Off! is like the first sip of coffee into the world of social justice and more.

For this inaugural episode, we speak with Park Cannon and get a peak into her life as the Democratic State Representative for Georgia House District 58, and how she got involved in public service.

Listen in and let us know what you think.