SPARK Celebrates U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Equality and Upholding Obamacare Subsidies!

July 1, 2015 – ATLANTA, GEORGIA

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! applauds the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in upholding marriage equality for all. We also celebrate the Court’s decision to protect affordable healthcare for millions of women and families in the King v. Burwell decision. These rulings mark great victories in our communities’ fight for social justice and liberation. Last week, the Court took major steps in the right direction, and yet, we still have miles to go.

“As we celebrate these accomplishments, we know our work is not done. Queer and trans people of color, particularly Black women and youth of color, continue to face homelessness, unemployment, discrimination in the workplace, and violence. Additionally, many of our constituents lack access to affordable quality, culturally competent healthcare services, and in some cases, complete denial of care,” says Dr. Krystal Redman, SPARK Executive Director.

These victories present great opportunities for us to re-commit ourselves to all the issues that directly impact the most marginalized families in our communities. We recognize that marriage equality is one pathway to recognize all families under the law, but does not reflect the myriad of challenges queer and trans communities face in building their families. That is why our commitment to close the coverage gap in Georgia and ensure comprehensive access to reproductive health services including abortion services is so critical.

As we continue this important work, we need your support to build and sustain a reproductive justice movement in the Deep South that allows us to advocate for policies and practices that empower young families throughout Georgia and foster sustainable change. Your generous gift allows us amplify the voices of those often most marginalized in public policy conversations to shift policy, practice, and culture.

Please give and join us in our call to action: SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!


Dr. Krystal Redman
Executive Director
SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!

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